Born Soul, from Austin, Texas, came into the music industry head first as a recording artist, song writer, producer, and sound engineer. Born Soul started musically as a DJ in college, where he got deeper into hip-hop music. Intrigued by the way the beat and the sounds were put together to bring out the MC’s lyrics in the ’90s, he began producing and writing pre-production note pad segments. Born Soul began to hone in on my skills when he decided to take music seriously by record his first demo. His greatest influences came from the “Dirty Backpack” era of hip-hop. Groups such as Souls of Mischief, A Tribe Called Quest, and Hieroglyphics influenced his lyrical delivery. These groups inspired him because they were different from the mainstream at the time, these groups were complexed, and difficult to comprehend which made them pioneers of their styles. As an up and coming MC, Born Soul wanted to be different and stand out from the rest.


Steadily gaining comparisons to Andre 3000, his oxymoronic, melodic indie-hop sound is induced by distinctive kick drums, clear annunciated vocals and smooth synthesized sounds. Born Soul is the product of the modern age. Born Soul is the sound of musical evolution. Born Soul is the embodiment of the post-genre world. Born Soul is music styles being meshed, music and prose finding new ways to work together, the rule book being torn apart and previous tribal lines of demarcation being crossed, ignored and erased. 


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