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Every moment on earth is vibe driven. Born Soul believes in bringing vibes to the forefront.  The entertainment industry needs innovative artists such as Born Soul to stay relevant to the ever evolving fans.  Born Soul brings this to the forefront with an innovative style that lulls you into a world of Hip Hop that is rare.


   Kelly Hancock, known as Born Soul, is an engineer, producer, rapper, and songwriter.  He is a native of Austin, Texas and active in the local music scene.  While in college, he started his career as a DJ and soon felt the spirit to become a rap artist.  Born Soul did much research on rap and came across the path of old school groups such as OutKast and Tribe Called Quest which remain influences in the innovative style that his fans currently enjoy.


   Characterized by his Andre 3000-ish vocal comparison, intricate lyrics, melodramatic fashion and visuals, his music is often defined by often kaleidoscopic diverse and fun surprises, subject matters and imagery built on the conscious life story approach to LoFi trap. 


   Born soul is currently working on a 5 to 6 song EP titled “Vibe King” that will incorporate local talent and display a new sound that has been in the works the past two years.  The work for those last two years has improved the quality of his production and engineering work in the studio that has produced industry quality sounds that rarely comes from an independent artist recording in a small studio.  In the future, Born Soul looks to set new trends that will meet and exceed the needs of music fans.  The new EP will put the new sound in motion and carry Born Soul well into the future.

   Born Soul has, and is creating thunderous bangers with catchy lyrics that are swiftly moving throughout Austin and streaming services.  His brand of infectious lyrics will captivate and convert you into a fan no matter what vibe you are in.  Buzz Music says “Born Soul gives a diverse brand of hip hop with enigmatic hits on his last project.”  The new EP will not disappoint the masses, and will propel Born Soul further into the mainstream of the music entertainment industry.


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